WestCoastInspiredSolutions , LLC focuses on helping small businesses leverage technology to their business advantage. Every business decision is based on the owner answering either of the following questions:
  • Will this change allow us to bring on new clients?
  • Will this change keep our existing clients?
At West Coast Inspired Solutions, we are dedicated to helping the owner answer these questions. We find solutions that match business needs to what technology can offer.

What We Can Help You With

We Want to Make You More Successful

  • Make your web site work for you
  • Provide a data back-up strategy that will keep your business running
  • Manage outsourced projects for you
  • Determine if your current IT needs are being met
  • Secure your home or office wireless network
  • Teach you what Business Continuity means and how it applies to you
  • Enhance your current business processes by leveraging the appropriate technologies
  • Determine if your current desktops are meeting your needs
  • Determine if outsourcing is to your best advantage

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